Biology Quiz on Vermiculture for NEET & Medical Exam 2021


Biology Quiz on Vermiculture

Biology Quiz on Vermiculture: NEET is the most coveted medical entrance examination carried out across the country. It is an objective type, pen-paper test comprising 4 sections – Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. The maximum marks that can be scored are 720 marks and consists of 180 questions. 50% of the paper is dedicated to Biology, as the NEET exam primarily aims at enabling students to take up seats in medical courses. Biology is one of the most important and vital sections in NEET. It includes theories, descriptions, discoveries, diagrams, definitions, explanation of differences and relations. Most of the concepts covered in the NEET syllabus are from the NCERT syllabus of Class 11 & 12. In this post we are providing you biology quiz on Vermiculture.

Biology Quiz on Vermiculture


Q1. The process of covering spawned compost with a suitable material is known as ________.
a) cropping
b) casing
c) composting
d) spawning

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b) casing

Q2. Vermicompost is a/an _______.
a) toxic material
b) organic biofertilizer
c) inorganic fertilizer
d) synthetic fertilizer

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b) organic biofertilizer

Q3. Which of the following nutrients is abundantly found in worm castings?
a) Phosphorus
b) Nitrogen
c) Calcium and other minerals
d) All of these

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d) All of these

Q4. While burrowing, the anterior ends of earthworms become turgid serving as a hydraulic skeleton though they do not possess a skeleton. This is as a result of _________.
a) setae
b) gut peristalsis
c) coelomic fluid
d) none of the above

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c) coelomic fluid

Q5. The process in which earthworms are used to degrade organic wastes is ________.
a) Compost bedding
b) Humus forming
c) Vermicomposting
d) None

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c) Vermicomposting

Q6. In earthworms, typhlosome is a _________.
a) a circulatory system structure
b) fold of intestine
c) defence mechanism
d) excretory structure

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b) fold of intestine

Q7. This can be the best worm for composting __________.
a) pink worms
b) red wigglers
c) maggots
d) does not matter

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b) red wigglers

Q8. This is apt for vermicomposting ______.
a) Algae
b) Earthworms
c) Nitrifying bacteria
d) Fungus

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b) Earthworms

Q9. For vermicomposting, which species of earthworm is not apt ?
a) Perionyx excavatus
b) Pheretima posthuma
c) Eudrilus eugeniae
d) Eisenia fetidae

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b) Pheretima posthuma

Q10. Kitchen wastes and animal excreta can be minimized most profitably via ________.
a) vermiculture
b) biogas production
c) direct usage as biofertilizers
d) storing in underground storage tanks

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b) biogas production


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