NEET Previous Year Question Papers with Solution | Download NTA NEET Question Paper PDF 2021 / 2020 / 2019 / 2016

NEET Previous Year Question Papers
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NEET Previous Year Question Papers

NEET Previous Year Question Papers: The National Testing Agency (NTA) will be conducting the NEET 2021 tentatively in May. Aspirants who want to appear for the 2021 session should be well-aware of their preparation levels by practicing the NEET previous year papers. This helps the candidates to get an idea about the level of the exam and type of questions asked in the NEET entrance exam.

Aspirants should aware of previous years’ NEET Question Papers. Solving the NEET previous year’s questions during the preparation days will surely boost up the preparation level of NEET 2021. With the regular practice of the NEET 2021 Question Paper, candidates can get an idea about the type of questions and level of the NEET entrance exam. Authorities will release the NEET question paper for all code in PDF format. A link to download NEET question paper 2021 will be provided below after the release. Meanwhile, aspirants can go through the previous year’s NEET question paper for preparation purposes. Aspirants can download the previous years’ NEET solved papers pdf from the article below.

NEET 2021 Question Paper PDF- Code wise download

Aspirants will get NEET Question Paper which includes 180 questions based on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, which have to be attempted in 3 hours of exam duration. The code-wise NEET 2021 question paper will be released on the official website, Meanwhile, aspirants can go through the code-wise question paper of NEET for the previous session.

NEET Previous Year Question Papers

NEET Question Paper 2020 All Codes: (English & Hindi)

NEET question combined sets English Hindi
E1+F1+G1+H1 Click here Click here
E2+F2+G2+H2 Click here Click here
E3+F3+G3+H3 Click here Click here
E4+F4+G4+H4 Click here Click here
E5+F5+G5+H5 Click here
E6+F6+G6+H6 Click here


NEET Question Paper 2019

Question Paper Link to Download
NEET Question Paper 2019 Click here


NEET Question Paper 2018

Question Paper Question Paper Answer Key
NEET Question Paper 2018 – English Click here Click here
NEET Question Paper 2018 – Hindi Click here Click here


NEET Question Paper 2017 (CODE: A-D)

Question Paper Paper Code Question Paper
NEET Question Paper 2017 (Code- A, B, C and D) A Click here
B Click here
C Click here
D Click here


NEET Question Paper 2017 (CODE: P-S)

Question Paper Paper Code Question Paper
NEET Question Paper 2017 (Code- P, Q, R and S) P Click here
Q Click here
R Click here
S Click here



FAQs Regarding NEET Previous Year Question Papers

Some of the important FAQs regarding the NEET previous year question papers are listed below:

Q1. How many questions are repeated from previous years in NEET?
Ans: Since there are no changes in NEET 2021 Syllabus, there are several chances where students can find the questions from previous year NEET Papers. But we cannot predict exactly how many questions will be derived from the previous year papers.

Q2. Is the NEET 2021 going to be online or pen and paper mode?
Ans: The NEET 2021 exam will be conducted in offline mode that is Pen & Paper mode.

Q3. Which book is best for NEET previous year question papers?
Ans: There are several books which provide NEET 2021 Previous year question papers and they are listed below:

– For Full-Length Papers (Previous Years): MTG NEET Explorer.
– For Chapter-wise Questions (Previous Years): MTG NEET Champion.

However, the best way to avail NEET Question Papers is to go to ExamsRoad’s NEET Test page where you will find the list of NEET previous year papers.

Q4. Are previous year questions enough for NEET?
Ans: Solving NEET previous year papers will help you in the following ways:
1. Familiarizes with NEET question paper trend
2. Will help you to know the important topics
3. Gives an overall idea about a particular topic’s weightage
4. You will come across the repeated questions
5. Help you to work on time-management of NEET question paper

Q5. Where can I download the NEET previous year papers?
Ans: You can download the free NEET previous year papers from ExamsRoad.

Q6. In what pattern should we do the NEET previous year papers, chapter-wise or by solving single exam papers?
Ans: Solving the chapter-wise questions will be the best approach for your preparation. Once you finish any chapter, make sure you go through the NEET previous year papers to solve those questions. This way you will be satisfied having effectively completed that chapter.

Q7. Was NEET-2020 easy than previous year papers?
Ans: Experts say that NEET 2020 was comparatively easier than its previous year papers. But, make sure to solve each and every previous question papers of the exam in order to be prepared in tackling the questions which will come in the exam. Don’t get into a notion of leaving these papers in hope that the exam will be easy the next year. Prepare for the worst and it will help you score well than the others.

Q8. Is NEET 2021 Tough?
Ans: The NEET exam difficulty is usually measured around moderate to tough. Candidates who are relying only on the knowledge of their respective academic books will find the NEET paper very difficult. Hence, they must solve some previous year questions papers and understand what type of questions are being asked. After that, they must solve similar kind of questions.

Q9. Do previous years questions repeat in NEET?
Ans: There have been instances where it was found that 2 to 3 questions were from previous year papers. However, this does not repeat every year. Hence a candidate must not rely solely on previous year paper.

Q10. Which was the toughest NEET paper?
Ans: Last year, the NEET Papers were considered as moderate. Physics was the most difficult subject. 


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