Shortcuts & Tricks to Solve Physics Numerical Quickly & Accurately


Shortcuts & Tricks to Solve Physics

Step 1– First read the question carefully and understand the problem and concept on which it is based.

Step 2– After analyzing the concept, organize all the information that’s given in the question.

Step 3– If the question is tricky, try to find the crux of the problem.

Step 4– Go through the options once, sometimes you can reach the answer much quicker by eliminating the options. Always go through options, after understanding the problem once. Otherwise, go to step 4.

Step 5- Decide the approach and start attempting.

Step 6– Now this step is most important of all if the answer is not matching. Either move forward or look for calculation mistakes( During the exam time)

Step 7– Read the question again and think of an alternative approach.

Step 8– Don’t look at the solution, if you are not able to solve it again, leave the question for the next day.

Step 9– Attempt it again the next day, try doing it twice. If you are still not getting the right approach, either see the solution or go to your faculty for knowing the mistake you were committing.

Step 9 might sound useless to you, but sometimes you will find the right approach on the second day of attempting that question again. You will never get stuck in the same type of questions or concepts.

During the exam time, attempt each question only once and move forward. After going through the whole paper once, you can try them again with an alternative approach.

Follow this and surely your problem-solving skills will enhance. Along with this, analyzing your weak areas and work on them with the aid of your faculty. Solve at least 10 questions from any topic on a daily basis.

Practice mocks and solve previous year questions rigorously  in the last 2 months before the exam. It will help you in developing time managing skills and temperament required for the D-day.

Don’t panic during the exam time, try maintaining the pace throughout without getting stuck in one question for a long time.


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