Principles of Inheritance and Variation Biology By Tushar Sir (Hustle Batch) – Class 12th JEE NEET


Principles of Inheritance and Variation Biology Hustle Batch by Tushar Saxena Sir.

In this session, Tushar sir is discussing Principles of Inheritance and Variation topic from class 12th, Tushar is also sharing his various preparation and strategy which helps to crack the Class 12th, JEE & NEET examination.

What Is Principles of Inheritance and Variation? |

– Inheritance is the basis of heredity and by this process, traits are passed on from the parents to the offspring. Continuity of the gene pool is maintained by the process of inheritance.

– Variation exists among individuals of one species. Variation is due to crossing over, recombination, mutation and environmental effects on the expression of genes present on chromosomes.

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