To ensure a stress-free conduct of NEET , CBSE has notified candidates to follow the examination rules at the exam center. NEET exam stress is building up each day as the examination day is nearing and so with the last minute preparation, students end up missing the important instructions mentioned on the NEET Admit card. Hence, here a reminder! Through this article you will know NEET Exam Day Instructions which is mandatory for each student to comprehend.

First quick rules to know:

  1. The Examination Centre will be opened 2 hours and 30 minutes before the commencement of the test. No candidate shall be allowed to enter in the examination centre after 09.30 a.m. Therefore, candidates must leave home well in advance considering all facts like traffic, the location of the centre, and weather conditions, etc. Candidates are expected to take their seats immediately after the opening of the Examination Hall.
  2. The candidate must show, on demand, the Admit Card for admission in the Examination Hall. A candidate who does not possess the valid Admit Card shall not be admitted to the Examination Hall under any circumstances by the Centre Superintendent.
  3. Candidates are not allowed to carry any material except the Admit Card and photograph inside the Examination Hall
  4. Candidates are not allowed to bring any barred item or any item which could be used in unfair means. Possession of any such article with the candidates inside the centre premises will attract the penalties of unfair practices.
  5. Candidates are advised in their own interest not to bring any of the barred items to the venue of the examination as arrangement for safe keeping will not be made and candidates found in possession of these items will not be allowed entry in the examination centre.
  6. No candidate will leave his/her seat or the Examination Room/Hall until the Test concludes as per schedule. Candidates should not leave the Room/Hall without handing over their Answer Sheets to the invigilator on duty.
  7. Smoking in the examination centre is strictly prohibited.
  8. Water Bottles, Tea, coffee, cold drinks or snacks etc. are not allowed to be taken by the candidates into the examination centre.
  9. A signal will be given at the beginning of the examination and at half-time. A signal will also be given before the closing time when the candidate must stop marking the responses.

What to wear? NEET Dress code

Candidates need to follow below-given dresscode instructions while appearing for NEET 2020:

For Female Candidate:

  • Candidates have to wear light half sleeves clothes not having big buttons, brooch/badge, flower etc. with Salwar/Trouser.
  • Candidates have to wear Slippers, sandals with low heels, not shoes.

For Male Candidate:

  • Wear light color clothes like Jeans, Pant, Shirt (half sleeves only). The button of the shirt should be medium size not big enough.
  • Male candidates cannot wear Kurta Payjama and closed Shoes. Only slippers or sandals are allowed.

Allowable and Not Allowable Inside the Examination Hall 

Allowed Not Allowed
Slippers and Sandals only SHOES
Half T-Shirt, Shirt Full Sleeves Shirt or T-Shirts
Trousers/Jeans Watches
Prescribed lens specs only Sun Glasses
Leggings/Churidar Braclets
Lowers Rings/ Chain/ Necklace etc. (any type of jewelry or ornaments)
Jeans Hair Clips/ Big Rubber Bands etc.
Salwar Big buttons, brooch/badge T-Shirts
Kurti/Top (Half-Sleeves) Saree (Married or Unmarried)
Tiny Rubber Band Bangles not allowed (only married can wear)
Mangal Sutra Burka, Cap, Kurta Payjama


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